Our Promise To You

We will commit to understanding your business and your objectives:

  • By providing  legal advice in a way that is relevant and responsive to your needs;
  • Because we know that giving you prompt and accurate advice and attentive service is the best way to contribute to the success of your enterprise.

We will work efficiently on your behalf, which means we will:

  • communicate with you clearly;
  • ensure that the right lawyers work on your business for the right time.
  • bring the right experience to bear at each stage; and
  • advise honesty if there is work we are not best suited to undertake.

We will make every effort to ensure that our fee estimates are accurate:

  • by using structured methods to provide you with transparent estimates; and
  • by discussing the situation with you if circumstances change and it is likely that an estimate will prove inaccurate.

Our charges will be fair as:

  •  we will provide a detailed breakdown at your request;  
  •  we will provide added value services

Primary Contacts

20 Homer Avenue, 5th Floor, CY-1097 Nicosia
P.O.Box 21424, CY-1508, Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel. +357 22 44 58 00
Fax +357 22 44 58 02
Email: info@ns-lawyers.com